Dusky Conures Can Make Wonderful Pets

by Elizabeth
(Rochesterm NY)

Dusky Conure

Dusky Conure

We never wanted to get a Conure because they had a reputation for being loud and difficult birds. We had gone to the pet store planning to buy a Quaker Parrot but one little Conure proved to be irresistible. She hopped right on my finger, looked at me with those big black eyes, and I knew this was my new baby.

Rocky really acts more like a dog than a bird. She prefers sitting on a couch instead of a perch and she just loves to snuggle. Her favorite treats are green beans, millet, and an occasional bite of a cupcake.

She was born with a crooked beak that requires extra care (and money) but it's worth it for all the love she gives us in return.

Although sometimes Rocky gets a little loud we love hearing her happily squawk during the day. Dusky's are actually much quieter than other Conures. Rocky is also a great playmate for our poodle Nelson (as long as she doesn't steal his favorite toys).

We can't imagine life without our wonderful Dusky Conure but owning one does require a big time commitment. We spend several hours a day cleaning, playing, and just being with Rocky. I would recommend a Conure for someone who has a lot of time and energy to spend with them.

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Mar 29, 2013
my baby
by: amber

I had bought my dusky at a week old so I hand fed him hes just so smart very easy to train and loving butt very attached I cant leave the room before im out the door hes on me if they cant see you they look for you right away,he's my whole world its all about him hes very demanding for attention he loves to eat he just changed my whole life and made my home the happiest and gave me so much joy .he's loved like one of our children in my home. the best pet you could ever have.

Mar 05, 2012
Life With a Charlie
by: Rick A

Charlie is a Dusky Conure who is now 11, purchased at 4 months old from a breeder who hand-fed him...this breed can live 30+ years.

1. LOVES to Chew...and is obsessed with textiles...I have a huge collection of shirts with two tiny holes in them near the sleeves and collars.

2. Charlie talks alot...has picked up about a dozen phrases and my laugh; says his name ALL the time.

3. Very social: Loves men and woman, yet in a room of dozens of people will still find me easily.

4. Not a great flyer...goes short distances and apparently doesn't mind walking.

5. Loves to be held and " head rubbing time"; likes to burrow.

6. Loves objects of color or lighted - like remote and computer buttons - all will be "Gone in 60 Seconds" if you are not watching

7. Will eat almost anything; likes fruits and chocolate, but is a "dunker" - water dish needs changing a few times a day.

8. Highly recommend this breed, but they crave attention and like to be able to see you at all times; if they can't they will call
for you. Make sure it's a hand-fed baby if possible.

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Mar 04, 2012
Dusky Conure story and picture
by: Tracie

Thanks for sharing your beautiful dusky conure picture and story. :-) Conures are so smart and fun, I just love them!!

Please do be careful if you are allowing your bird and dog to be together. Sometimes birds and dogs, or even cats, get along for years and then suddenly the bird gets killed. What often happens is the bird startles the dog or cat and it reacts by biting before it realizes it just killed it's friend. It is really best if the two do not get near each other.

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