Dusky Lory Disorientated after riding in car

by Charlene
(Thiensville, WI)

I take my Dusky Lory to get his nails clipped every 6 months. I place him in a small pet carrier. After a 20 minute car ride, he seems fine, but when I walk into the pet store he becomes disorientated, starts shaking and screaming, and falls down into the bottom of the carrier. After a minute or two he is fine. The same thing happens after I bring him home, even though he seems fine in the car. This experience is very traumatic for me, I think he is going to die every time. Is there anything I can do about this? Is it possible he becomes motion sick or dizzy from riding in the car?

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Jun 14, 2012
Stress help for birds
by: Tracie

You can try the "No Stress" formula sold here. No Stress for birds

Jun 13, 2012
Dusky Lory Disoriented after riding in car
by: Charlene

Thanks for the advice. I will take Felix into the vet for a workup.

I have tried the perches, they don't seem to help much.

Also, do they make "birdie sedatives" to help with the stress of nail trimming? I am afraid the bird is going to die next time I take him in.

Jun 12, 2012
Bird disoriented after car ride
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, he could be car sick. This happens frequently. However, it may simply be stress related.

I recommend that you have a complete work up done while you are at your AVIAN veterinarian. This would include blood work and exams at minimum. This may help determine why he does this.

Also, with the right perches, you may not need to have his nails trimmed as frequently, or maybe even at all. You need a Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perch. This should be the highest perch in the cage so he will sleep on it. This will keep his feet healthy and prevent the over growth of the nails.

Dr B

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