Dusky Lory Orange Phase

by April
(Sydney NSW Australia)

I have a pair of Dusky Lories. They have never had eggs but continue to mate in breeding season. They are fighting very often to the stage that the male injured her neck so bad that I had to remove him from the cage. He was trying to keep her in the nest & she was too scared to come out. Once I removed him she laid her very first egg the very next day. I then put the male back in with her, then she wouldn't even sit on the egg & wouldn't even go back in her nest. We removed the egg & found out it was clear.

Since then weeks later there is still no eggs & they still mate & continue to fight for dominance. I'm baffled at what is happening & need to know if someone else has had a similar experience or got some answers to what might be going on with them.
Could it be that they are not suited or he is too aggressive & she is deferring laying eggs because of his behavior?