Dutch Blue peach faced Lovebird has odd behavior

by Susan
(Cape Coral, Florida)

My bird has been chewing up a portion of his food. Particularly the smaller millet seeds and regurgitating them into horrible smelling little mountains of seed vomit. He does eat most of his food which is a vitamin fortified mixed food diet, and appears to be in good health otherwise. He is friendly and talks well. He seems to be normal except for that. Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior?

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Jan 06, 2009
Lovebird odd behavior
by: The Vet

This is a common problem. First, I would have him seen by an avian veterinarian to treat him for yeast and bacteria. These infections will sometimes cause this behavior. The foul odor is caused by the yeast. Treating him for these infections may be enough to stop it.

Second, you need to get him on a better diet. He should be eating pellets instead of seed. Seed is just a treat and is not a complete and balanced diet. The best pellet to feed is Harrison's. If you correct his nutritional deficiencies, he will feel better and may stop this behavior.

It could help to remove any mirrors from the cage. You can also clean and rearrange his cage as a distraction. Also teach your bird to forage (buy the Captive Foraging DVD to learn more).

Decrease the amount of light he gets every day to 10 hours, but put a full spectrum light on him so he can see better and get the benefit of UV light. Make sure his cage is at least 18 x 18, larger if possible.

Dr. B

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