Dying Canary

We had a 3 year old canary, sex undetermined. Bought a new canary 10 days ago. Put it in the cage with older canary and she tried to pluck its tail feathers so we put her in her own cage. She built a nest and stated laying eggs. Woke up Sunday morning and the older canary was laying dead in the bottom of its cage.

It had not been sick and was acting fine. Is it possible the female had some kind of disease the older one contacted and if so, wouldn't she be showing signs of illness? She is acting fine, not sick, eating well, and sitting on her eggs. If that's the case, wouldn't the older canary have started acting sick? There were no signs of illness and it had eaten good, drank good, acted the same.

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Jan 21, 2012
Older canary died after new canary added
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, the new canary may have been a carrier and carriers do not have to show signs of disease. It may have been stress related or the old canary may have had a subclinical infection that became clinical with the stress of adding the new bird.

I recommend that you have an autopsy done on the dead one and have an exam by an avian veterinarian on the new one.

Dr B

Jan 10, 2012
Dying Canary
by: Anonymous

I'm sure your older bird did not contract illness from the new bird, if the new bird is acting fine. Chances are your older bird, was just that, old.

A birds natural instinct is at all costs to "pretend" to feel healthy, even though they are not. In the wild, a sick bird is easy prey. Therefore your bird will never tell you it's sick until its just seconds from death. Its important to interact with your birds learn thier habbits and body language. This will help you in getting it proper care in time should it get sick.

Please take your new bird in for a wellness exam just to be on the safe-side, to ensure she's healthy.

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