easter rosella molting?

by Sarah

is it normal if an eastern rosella's feathers on its neck and upper head falls out?
he's about 8 years old now, and has molted over the years, but never as severly as this time. his feathers on his head are beginning to fall out. and his neck is basically bare now. his behaviour is still normal, but im just concerned about his well-being. however, i dont think its an emergency because i have hope that his pinned feathers will erupt shortly. :(

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Oct 22, 2009
by: Linda

Sarah, it is NOT normal for any place to become bare when birds are molting. Normally, the pin feathers are already under the skin and are what pushes out the old feathers.

I suggest you take your bird to an Avian Vet in your area for a thorough checkup for infections, parasites or any problems with organs. A Comprehensive Blood Panel will show up any internal problems, including high White Blood Cell count indicating an infection.

Though this is not an emergency at present, your bird could be experiencing the first stages of infection or some other abnormality which needs to be looked at.

Hopefully your bird is eating a high quality pelleted diet like Harrisons. If eating an all seed diet, nutrition is lacking, and this will cause problems with skin and feathers.

Let us know what vet finds, and go ahead and take bird in as this problem, if physically based, will only get worse and not better. Anytime we see changes like this that are not what we consider "normal", an Avian vet needs to be consulted.

Thanks for writing,

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