eating problem - baby bird

by maha

My Alexandrian parrot has been very less he is around 9-10 weeks old and started weaning but suddenly he stoped taking food and having very little.

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Mar 21, 2013
by: Anonymous

He stopped eating by my hands n wanted to eat him self he was getting ready to fly n that's y he stpped eating n was refusing formula thanks for ur advice but I have got him checked he is fine n his weigh I ok just reducing weigh to fly Je just want to eat its own I guess u dont have much ideal about Alexandrian parrot :-)

Mar 20, 2013
eating problem - baby bird
by: Linda

First off, 9-10 weeks is too young to be weaned. Weaning is a process, and 12 weeks or older is when to begin the process. When I say process, I mean you have to keep handfeeding baby parrot handfeeding formula all during the weaning process. At the beginning, the birds cannot and do not eat enough to sustain them, so handfeedngs at least 3 times a day are necessary. Once bird begins to actually eat weaning food and you can see this in the crop, handfeedings can be cut to two a day morning and night leaving bird to eat on its own. If, however, you see bird not consuming enough, and the crop is the guide to whether bird is filling up or not, you will need to supplement the two feedings a day with another handfeeding. As time goes on, your bird will let you know when to cut back further on handfeeding by not being hungry at handfeeding time. Of course, make sure this is not a sign if illness. Sick birds are listless, lack appetite for anything, and usually have runny or discolored stools. There can also be runny nose and eyes or vomiting.Birds dying of starvation will have the same symptoms, so avian vet is your best course of action now.

At this point, your bird is probably sick and will need to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet ONLY in your area. If you already stopped handfeeding then your bird is starving to death. Baby parrots have to be handfed baby parrot handfeeding formula found here using a spoon or syringe. Syringe is recommended over spoon to keep air out of crop. Syringe feeding is a learned skill, so you will need to take your bird to a breeder to help you. Make sure he has been examined and cleared for or treated for infections so these are not passed onto breeder's birds.

I believe your bird is starving to death because you have not weaned him correctly. Get him back on handfeeding formula and take to avian vet for exam for infections.

Your bird is in serious danger of dying, so you have absolutely NO more time to waste asking questions online. Your bird needs to be fed immediately using the handfeeding formula or you will lose him quickly.


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