Eating Problem

by Judy

My baby ring neck parrot makes a lot of fuss eating.We give it a variety of food stuffs like black grams,potatoes,tomatoes,pears,apples,etc, but it only wants grapes and eats only 2-3.I'm really very worried. What do i do??? Ps help

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Apr 03, 2009
Problems feeding bird
by: Tracie

I don't know what is available in your country in order to suggest anything. If you have access to a healthy uncolored pellet diet, you should convert your bird to that.

If your bird must eat table food only, then you should talk to a breeder there in your country and ask them what a good diet for your bird is.

If your bird will only eat one thing, you need to not offer that one thing until the end of the day and only offer the healthy food first thing in the morning until afternoon. This encourages the bird to try the healthy food because it is sooo hungry.

Apr 03, 2009
by: Lori

Your bird needs to be on a diet of 80% organic pellets and use vegetables, fruits, bird bread and nuts as treats. Two of my birds like Harrisons Pellets and the cockatiel prefers Totally Organic Pellets both of which you can get on this web site.

Apr 03, 2009
your birds
by: diego

give him birds seed that is in the pet stores

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