by Jacklyn
(Canyon, Tx, USA)

I recently (3 days ago) brought home an 8 week-old cockatiel that had been hand-fed and weened. The first day he just sat at the same spot on his perch and wouldn't eat or drink unless I held a treat up to him.

I thought maybe he didn't know where his food was, so I placed him (he loves being held) on the bottom perch near his food, and, since then, the only times he's stopped eating are when we get him out of his cage. I even have to hold him up to his water to get him to drink anything!

Naturally, since he's still growing, he'll eat more often than an adult bird would, but is this incessant eating normal or healthy? There are no avian veterinarians within an 8 hour drive, so I don't even know of who I could call for this...

Thank you,

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Feb 16, 2009
by: Lori

I know Jean sells totally organic pellets now. I highly recommend them for your cockatiel. My other two birds eat Harrisons but Harley just won't eat them.

Feb 16, 2009
by: Jacklyn

Thank you both very much.

He seems to have stopped eating quite so much and is moving around the cage (and around wherever I'm sitting) a lot more freely.

I got him from the lady at Texotic Pets, she's very, very sweet. I'm feeding him what she had suggested, but I don't know the name...

Feb 15, 2009
Bird eating
by: The Vet

This is a common behavior in birds for the first few days in a new home. Let him eat as much as he wants. Move him from perch to perch to get him used to all of them, and put him in front of his water several times a day. He will adjust in a couple of weeks.

Dr. B

Feb 14, 2009
by: L.

I live in amarillo and your right that we don't have any great avian vets. I have uses Acoma Pine and Noahs ark for my birds. They never seem to want to run tests especially for a well visit but they have cleared up the infections my cockatiel has had. Even texotic pets on 6th street can answer alot of your questions because she's a breeder. I don't know if thats normal. I got my cockatiel at 3 months and she didn't eat that much. Make sure you feed your bird organic pellets. Harley likes the Totally Organics Pellets.

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