Eclectic Parrot screaming

by C Cole

Why does my eight week old Eclectic parrot scream every time he here's my cockateil?

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Jan 13, 2012
my screaming eccy
by: julie

My Rosie is about 4 months old now. She goes crazy when she hears my voice or sees me and just screams and she flies onto my head or shoulder (ouch) Every morning I spend about half hour with her feeding, patting, etc. still again, as soon as i leave her she starts screaming my ears down and wakes up every one in the house. i have tried putting her in the laundry, toys, treats. she is free to fly not locked up in a cage. she is also jelous of my younger 12 and 5 year old kids and attacks them. some times I think she is too hard to handle, but i love her.

Sep 22, 2011
eclectus parrot
by: Anonymous

My eclectus also scream when they here my cockatiel & can't see him. They are communicating with my tiel & they have also learnt to imitate his talking, mumbling & screams. If my tiel decides to be loud, my eclectus parrots will also imitate tiel screams even louder. Solution? Buy ear plugs. You could also move the birds closer so they can see each other. If you don't like the screams you might want to try teaching your eclectus some tricks & doing other training with him. You can also give him lots of toys, activities & foraging ideas to keep his mind occupied. Eclectus parrots are very much 'monkey see, monkey do' birds. They will imitate all noises & movements of other birds, people & animals. You may not fully eliminate the screams unless you stop your tiel screaming. And don't forget, they ARE parrots & parrots do enjoy a scream every now & then, that you just have to put up with.

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