eclectus foods

by john
(new orleans)

Can I feed my two eclectus parrots dhydrated veggies and fruits???
If so, can I mix them all and then cook??

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Jun 12, 2012
I suggest
by: Anonymous

You google & let your fingers do the walking. There are extremely informative Eclectus specific websites.

To feed dehydrated? Well, yes you can...but is it recommended? Not really. Dehydrated food is not as nutritional, contains massive amounts of sugar (including home made or organic) so it really should only be used as a treat.

Stick to Eclectus specific foods :) Google.

May 28, 2012
Safe Eclectus Foods
by: Tracie

You can read more about Eclectus parrots and their diet at the link below.

Eclectus Parrots

Also here are other pages that answer questions about eclectus diets:

And our avian vet wrote recently:

Harrison's is the best food available. You should continue feeding that. It should make up 65-70% of the diet and the rest should be mostly fruits and vegetables with some seeds and other treats. This is the ratio that I see eclectus doing the best on.

Dr B

May 28, 2012
eclectus foods
by: Linda

Thanks for writing, and my suggestion is to feed certified organically grown fruit and veggies to all birds and to yours in particular. The dried stuff can be dangerous unless it has been organically done. The dried fruit and veggies in grocery stores use sulphur to preserve the fruit and veggies, and sulphur is highly toxic for birds and humans. Then there is the vitamin/mineral content to worry about with dried fruit. All fruit and veggies lose vitamins and minerals when heated, and when food is dried, heat is usually the method used to do it.

Eclectus do better on about 65-70% pellets and 30-35% fresh vegetables and other healthy treats according to Dr B, and avian vet, and I highly recommend you feed your birds high quality organic fruit and veggies as well as a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's. There are a couple of good ones found here, and Harrisons is the best on the market.

You can find the Harrisons organic pellets here, and they also make a tasty Bird Bread mix that is very good for special treats. Use the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor in it for the oil it calls for and two whole eggs and water are the other ingredients.


May 28, 2012
you can feed
by: Anonymous

You can feed your eclectus parrots all sorts of foods. Please GOOGLE eclectus parrots to view more specific eclectus information and dieting specifically for them. there are a lot of resources out there now.

For the dehydrated fruit, although it is 'safe' it isn't advisable to use for anything more than a treat. Dehydrated food is extremely high in sugar, whether is bought or home made. If you are buying it then it also has a lot of added 'rubbish' in it.It really isn't a stable food source at all.

Why do you want to cook? These are the species of parrot that do far better in an environment set as naturally as can be for them. They don't cook in the wild. Again this is ok for treats but not a staple. Most cooked foods loose some nutritional value & it is understood cooked foods can cause eclectus parrots hormonal behaviours as well.

The 2 foods you have suggested are not that. Please google for their diets & care.

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