Male Eclectus Oiseau Pictures and Story

Eclectus Oiseau is the company mascot. He goes everywhere with his owner.

Eclectus Oiseau parrot picture Eclectus Oiseau Parrot Photo

Eclectus Oiseau Mascot picture

Our Eclectus parrot, Oiseau (“French for Bird”) is an integral part of our company. He is also extremely popular with the My Space bird community, as an expert networker.

You can find him at He comes to work with his moms and serves as our mascot at GreenTree Media Group selling marketing to the mortgage industry.

The owner of the company, desperately tries to teach him to say “send the money,” but it has yet to take. He stays very busy nibbling on my files and making friends with co-workers.

He keeps his area of the office somewhat messy as most of his day at work consists of spreading peanut shells on the floor and talking things over with himself.

Eclectus Oiseau is also very good at answering “Hello” each time a phone rings. We hope to have him as one of our top sales associates within the next year although he’s quite young at only 8 months of age as of Nov. 2006.

He is a promising young entry level professional, with lots of potential and room for growth within the company. He’d like to reach out and encourage his other feathered colleagues to take part in the household by joining their human flock during the workweek when possible and learning more about how to adapt to the human work environment in a way that can be beneficial and motivational to all employees of that company!

I also want to tell you that we are getting incorporated as Free Bird, Inc. this year for various business ventures we have planned. Our mascot and logo for this company is Oiseau.

The first picture of Eclectus Oiseau, our logo photo, is going to be on all our business cards and stationary. Since he loves going with us to places such as the bank, work, stores, etc, we plan on bringing him with us to our business meetings.

He’s very quiet and considerate when around people and since we’re embarking into the business of property investing, we think he will be a very important part of our team which also consists of real estate agents, title companies, attorneys, debt negotiators, and others.

Hopefully, despite his age, this is not in violation of any child labor laws, after all, he’s quite mature for his age. *wink*

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