Eclectus parrot

by Mary

Hi everyone thanks a lot for answering me so kind to know that it makes no dif beetween 5 month to 8 month old whenever i have time don,t worry iam always on the internet to learn more we never know enough.About the food no prob cause twice a week the howker come near my house and sell fresh friut & veg he grow them .My prob at the moment is the flight cause he have to come all the way from Holland i don,t want him to get stresed as the have the pluging prob.Iam so in love already gess iam crazy ;-)My son-in-law have an African gray he is 9month now he bought him when he was only 4month old when i do to der house he call me so i go and sing for him he love me so much my doughter tell me if he will sing like me she will cut her head off ;-)Idon,t know why but he like it when i sing he keep looking at me turning his head i wonder what he will be thinking.Anyway thanks a lot to everyone for keeping me informed l will let you know what will happen.Love you all Mary from the island of Malta

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Mar 25, 2010
Eclectus parrot
by: Linda

Hi Mary and thanks for writing in. Your bird will need much, much more nutrition besides the fruit and veggies though they are an important part of Eclectus diet. YOU MUST PURCHASE AND FEED ORGANIC, HIGH QUALITY PELLETS LIKE Harrison's OR ONE OF THE OTHER Eclectus Safe pellets and food Tracie carries out here. Please do not think that fruit and veggies and seeds are all this bird will need because it will die of starvation if that's all you have planned. Fruit and veggies are only a small part of any bird's diet because they contain no protein, and birds have to have protein just like any other creature.

So, take a look at the Harrisons pellets made for Eclectus out here and have it on hand for when your bird arrives. THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT THING IS A TRIP TO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA SOMEWHERE. TRACIE HAS A LINK HERE TO HELP IN FINDING AN AVIAN VET. Your bird will most likely arrive with one or more infections either bacterial or viral or both. There can also be parasites inside and outside that will need to be treated. Birds cannot be treated by a dog and cat vet, so you will need to find one that you can drive to so your new bird has a proper examination.

Airplane rides are extremely dangerous unless you are going to pick bird up. If you go and pick up your bird, you can take bird with you into the plane as carry-on. If bird has to fly in the cargo hold, there is always a chance it will die. The cargo hold is not pressurized, and it is cold. Please make sure you have found an Avian Vet and get your bird in as quickly as is possible.

High quality food, and proper medical care will help to keep your bird healthy and happy for many years. Again, do not feed an Eclectus only seed and fruit and veggies as this is a pitiful diet for an Eclectus parrot. Take proper care of him/her, and they will be with you for many, many years.

Let us know how everything goes,

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