Eclectus plucking

by Anna
(New Jersey)

Hello, I have a ten year old female eclectus who has just starting plucking in the last month. I am very concerned, I read here that maybe I should change to pellet food and let her forage instead of open bowl.

We never had a problem in all of the ten years, we raised her from six weeks old. We feed her seeds, millet, cracked corn, trail mix, and fresh foods. You also mentioned dry skin. When we went to our very expensive avian vet he told us it was probably hormones and gave her a hormone shot.

We have seen no improvement in fact she is getting worse. She loves her showers and it may be very dry in our house because we have had a lot of work done lately downstairs. Should we put a humidifier in with her?

And, to confuse things more, we left her with my sister's male (which we have before with no problem) for a week at a time twice during this period of work being done.... Please help if you can, Anna

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Aug 05, 2009
by: Linda

Diet does have a lot to do with skin problems, so get started changing her over to an organic pelleted diet like Harrison's or Goldenfeast both of which Tracie carries out here. Harrisons also makes a Birdy Bread mix that our Amazons dearly love. Be sure to buy the organic Red Palm oil to put in it and use the egg whites and not the yellows to keep the fat down.

The trail mix may not be good for her. If ingredients are all organic it may be okay, but too many fat seeds will mess up diet and is putting in too much fat. Non-oranic dried fruit has large amounts of sulphur to preserve them, and this is poison for birds(always look for fruit that states no sulphur was used). The change-over from seeds to pellets takes some time, so don't worry if it does not happen at once. The Birdy Bread is made using the basic Harrisons Pellet recipe and comes in three flavors. This bread mix will help in changeover.

The workmen in your home are making her nervous if they are making noise and a mess. It would be advisable to have her somewhere else depending on what all they are doing. If any painting or work causing a lot of dust is being done, she does not need to be back in house after painting for up to a month.We had to board our birds for over a month when we had some painting done in here. When we had the plumbing repiped, they were gone for several weeks as house was full of dust from drilling and sawing into concrete floor.

Take her somewhere she has been before and leave her there for as long as work takes to get done. Make sure she has her own cage, toys, cage cover and anything else she is attached to. Visit her as often as you can.

I WOULD NOT USE A HUMIDIFIER IN HER ROOM AS BIRDS CAN BECOME SICK FROM TOO MUCH MOISTURE BEING DUMPED INTO THE AIR. Showers using tepid to warm water with a plant spayer are always welcome and keep the moisture up in and around bird.

If you like fish, a small 10 gallon tank with a few small fish in it will put plenty of moisture into the room as well as be entertaining for her.

I think she is insecure with the noise and strangers in her home all the time. The plucking will get worse, so offer her a toy that has a cone like top and cotton rope hanging down out of it so she can separate the rope and groom it instead of herself. Always use clean cotton rope made for birds. We make toys using 1/4" 3 ply rope to make all our birds toys. We make simple toys from wood with 3/8" holes drilled into them so the rope with fit through, and we make knots in between the toy pieces. For painting, I use Crayola's Washable Paints which are water-based and non-toxic. I paint in another room as there is a little bit of a smell from paint though it is non-toxic also.

Keep us posted, Linda

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