I have a 2 year old ECLECTUS male. An amazing bird nearly human with a strong vocabulary and personality.
But i have 2 major problems, when he sees food or anything that could be his food he will growl loudly and attack anyone within range. Often i have received some deep bits etc.

The second problem is that when i have him on my finger he rubs himself against my other fingers.He gets carried very away, this maybe an adolescent thing and he will grow out of it, i dont feel it is worms.
Love to get some help as the biting could become very dangerous!


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Jun 04, 2009
Eclectus behavior problems
by: The Vet

You need to make an appointment with an avian vet, bot to rule out any health issues and then to get advice on the behavior issues.

Below are some of the questions the avian vet will need you to answer.

What do you feed your bird? How bright is the light in its room? Does it bite at other times? What size is its cage? Does it bite in the cage when fed, or only when it gets food outside of the cage?

Dr B

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