eclectus problems?

Do female eclectus have problems? Mine died unexpectedly and she was an angel but I see so many 3-4-5 year olds up for sale I am beginning to wonder if they really have some behavior problem that presents itself about that age. Is there a dirty little secret about them that isn't out there?

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Mar 01, 2010
I've lost two Females..
by: Beverly

First I lost Mya, a four year old I purchased from an add. The family was moving and couldn't take her. She was with me I just under 2 years when I found her on the bottom of her cage. I rushed her to the vet on a Friday and by Sunday I was saying goodbye... a necropsy showed her stomach lining had shedded! $1,600 for 2 1/2 days of (minimal) testing, support care and the necropsy.. But she was my baby girl and I would of done anything to save her. Shortly after I "rescued" a distraught female from a bad pet store. I told my daughter that by the end of the summer she would be calm and beautiful - and she was.. They couldn't even tell me her hatch date! I celebrated her estimated to be-2nd birthday last year on the 4th of July. I found her on the bottom of her cage just last month (Feb. 2nd). I chose to keep Ruby home with me and give her the 2 antibiotics and anti-inflamatory, and eventually was hand feeding her, but holding her and encouraging her to get well. She got worse and passed on Feb. 9th. I'm still crying.. The Vet removed a 1" piece of rubber tube during the necropsy which had punctured her kidney. I had NO idea what it was! Just TODAY I had someone who breeds birds say it looks like a piece of feeding tube! But could this of been inside her for over 2 years?? I have a 12 year old Male Eclectus who, when we got him bonded with my husband, and other than some plucking, he is healthy and a joy! I so miss my little redhead...but I don't know if I could afford the cost or another heartbreak. I'd really appreciate any wisdom or advise from other Eclectus lovers!

Jan 02, 2010
eclectus problems?
by: Linda

Hi, and what Tracie said is factual. You have to have a necropsy done as quickly after death as is possible in order for it to be accurate.

Birds are sensitive to their environment more than we are. Room deoderizers, scented candles, bleach, ammonia, even scented dryer sheets that leave your clothes smelling like perfume, perfume, nail polish, polish remover, paint, thinners, glues, aerosol cans under pressure will also kill your bird. The list is almost endless, but those are some of the basics. You have to leave out the dryer sheets unless they are unscented, leave off the perfume, hairspray and fingernail polish. People either want birds or they want to paint and perfume themselves--cannot have both.

Other problems are eating something that is toxic including paint chips and unsafe wood. Foods can be toxic if they are not made for birds. Table foods have lots of fats, sugar and salt all of which will kill your bird either quickly or a little slower.

Always take a new bird to an Avian Vet first thing for a checkup to make sure bird is healthy and has a good start with you.

Thanks for writing,

Jan 01, 2010
Eclectus died
by: Tracie

I am so read to hear about your bird. :-(

What did the vet say caused the bird's death? No, there is not some "secret" problem that kills eclectus. There must have been something that killed the bird and an examination of the bird after it died would have given you the answer to your question.

Eclectus need a specific diet and all birds need a specific environment to stay alive. Many common household items are toxic to birds, and often birds die "mysteriously" because the owners don't know that they used a toxic chemical to clean their house, burned a candle, over heated a Teflon coated iron or ironing board cover, etc.

Again, I am sorry for your loss.

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