eclectus pulling feathers out of chest area

by Sharon
(Belleville, IL USA)

I have a male eclectus for ten years. He has been pulling all his chest feathers out in the past few months since a female eclectus has been given to us.
She also has no chest feathers, but came to us this way. The male also is biting one area of his chest to the point of bleeding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 19, 2008
Eclectus plucking
by: The Vet

Ecelectus are quickly becoming the most common bird that I see with feather damaging behaviors. Most times we are not able to determine the cause. In your case, it sounds like the presence of the new female may be the cause. Are they in the same cage?

What diet are you feeding? Harrison's is the best for Eclectus.

How much and what kind of lighting do you offer?

Have your birds been vaccinated for Polyomavirus? If not, you need to do that because adult Eclectus are more susceptible than other species to becoming ill from the infection. Polyomavirus does cause feather problems and he could have contracted it from the new female if she is not vaccinated.

Has your bird seen an avian veterinarian recently or within the last 12 months?

Dr B

Jun 18, 2008
Feather plucking
by: Tracie

Hello Sharon,

I am sorry I am so behind on answering questions!

I am going to post this question to the Vet and let him answer it.

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