Eclectus Regurgitating

by Chandrea

Why is my Male Red sided Eclectus Parrot regurgitating on his toys?

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Jun 19, 2009
Feeding Toys
by: Linda

How cute! Yes, he is "feeding" his toys, and it is related to breeding. Young birds do it too, so is not of concern. He will, most likely, try and feed you too at some point.

The regurgitation is how their mothers feed them, and when they are breeding age, it is a sign that parrots are ready to breed when they "feed" each other.

Enjoy your sweet little bird, and as Tracie said, keep cleaning his toys!

Jun 15, 2009
Eclectus regurgitating on toys
by: Tracie

Birds do this because they "like" their toys. It is breeding behavior, they are "feeding" the toy. It is gross to us, but not to them. We just have to keep cleaning off the toys.

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