Eclectus rescue

by J C

I just got a eclectus male, not sure which kind i think he maybe a soloman he has a orange/yellow bill.I took him in as a rescue. this bird is so bald. Stress brought on by this huge dog she has trys several times to eat him.

I dont have no other animals but him and 8 other parrots. What can i do to get his feathers growing back in. ive never seen a bird this bad. He talks real good. he steps up on my hand. hes very mellow. but he doesnt like to be petted.

I just got him today. I notice he has a staple in his one wing so i think the dog did get him although she never said that she said the dog wanted to eat the bird this dog is as big as a great dane. She also had a huge cat in the house to. any suggestions, id love to show you the pictures i took of him today.

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Nov 26, 2014
female ecletus
by: chris

hi everyone. so i took in a five year old thinking it was temporary. previous owner couldnt take care of her. the bird came to me with calcium deficiency and lead poisoning. the homes i did find either they backed out or i found unsuitable. she is a sweet bird but loud. i fell in love with her so i kept her. unfortunatley now i find her pulling out her chest feathers and screaming more then talking. i did research and found her a bigger cage but its still not big enough. my living arrangements are really small and i think are taking their toll on her. im looking for a new forever home for her that has the room and time. please let me know if anyone has any idea where to find a rescue for her in the new york area. thanks

Oct 29, 2009
I would love to adopt shrek!!
by: TY

I own a male red sided eclectus named Beaux. My girlfriend and I adopted him about 8 months ago. beaux is 6 years old an dwe absolutely adore him. we are looking for another male to join our family. My girlfriend is a vet tech. at an exotic bird hospital(thats how we came across beaux). we would love to have him join our family. Beaux is extremely spoiled we go to the park several times a week and he goes for several walks every day with our dogs, he wont let us leave without him he squauks as we are putting on the dogs leashes as to say hey dont forget me. He eats a 75% pellet diet of zupreem fruit mixed with regular zupreem with powdered vitamins sprinkled on top and the rest of his diet is vegetables fruit and beans ( corn is his favorite ) please reply to this if your interested.

Sep 05, 2009
by: Warren

My wife and I have an incredible Eclectus who we consider a family member but have run out of space with a new baby on the way. We were trying to figure out a way to make room for him but it seems there is no space left considering we cant move in the current housing conditions. At this point I think the only option is adoption for him since we cant offer the space and attention this type of bird requires. He is 2 yr old male Eclectus who is incredibly smart and friendly. He knows over 20 words and about 10 sounds like boiling water (his favorite). He will ask for about 10 foods by name and showers or to go outside. He doesnt make any noise at night and is very quite other than asking for his favorite foods or animals. He learns incredibly quickly (sometimes with only one spoken word) such as NO SIR when telling the dogs to behave. He gets along with our Belgian Malinois and our Miniature Pincher who love to play with him. He was sleeping in his own room which is now being turned into a nursery and has been transferred to sleeping in our bathroom. He sleeps perfectly through the night with no noise but we need more space with our first baby on the way. He is an incredible boy and was number one at the breeder for his ridiculous purchase price as a newborn. he was weened by the top breeder in NC and then brought home to GA. We will include all items associated including his outdoor cage, indoor hanging perches, bath stands, toys, food ETC ETC ETC......

He spends 99% of his time loose on his various stands or hanging perches except when he is outside because there has been a Lynx sighted in the neighborhood.

He is by far the most incredible looking Eck I have ever seen and has had his photo sent to various parrot calendars for use in animal and parrot calendars and posters.

Please email if you would like photo or video of his theatrics.

His name is Shrek but he likes to call him self Shreksterdoodle for some reason.

PS he goes on every vacation even if we have to put him in a beach bag and smuggle him into the hotel. (his nick name is Beach Bag because he will be perfectly silent to allow himself to be smuggled in)
99% of our photos are of him so if you want pictures feel free to ask for them from any of his favorite vacations.

Aug 28, 2008
Eclectus Rescure
by: Jolenne

You mentioned that your eclectus doesn't like to be petted.I too have a male eclectus ( red sided ) i just wanted to let you know that it comes with the breed. Eclectus would rather have a quick light pet on the chest not the back or head.

I have used Harrison food and it is great food, but it also gets very spendy. I started with Harrison because i have a senegal that has allergies. My husband had a fit when he found out what i was paying for it. I did some research and found Roudybush. Roudybush has a rice formulated diet that is great for birds with any sensitivities. And it is MUCH cheaper than Harrison and my bird loves it.

One thing to remember though is that eclectus need more fiber than some other breeds because they have a longer digestive track. I would love to hear how your eclectus is doing and what other breeds of birds you have. If you would like to email me you can a jgirardmk (at)

good luck,

Jun 30, 2008
Eclectus plucking
by: The Vet

First I would be concerned about the staple. Why is it there and can you have it removed?

Eclectus feather damaging behaviors are quickly becoming the most common problem I see. This can be caused by many things including stress. You should take him in to see your avian veterinarian (I am sure you must have one since you have 8 parrots). Take care of the staple and get a complete work up to be sure this is not caused by something besides stress. I commonly see skin fungal infections in eclectus.

Nutrition can play major role in the feather damaging behaviors. You should be feeding all of your birds a pellet diet. I recommend Harrison's. You can also feed Totally Organic Pellets (TOPS) or even Roudybush, but the Harrison's is the best.

Birds need showers 32-4 times weekly and their humidity needs to be 60%. Otherwise they can develop dry skin which is irritating and can cause some feather damaging behaviors.

Encourage all of your birds to forage. Foraging should take up 70% of their day. In fact, I have several clients that have no open bowls of food in the cages, they feed only with foraging. Get the Captive Foraging DVD and try some of these techniques, and invent some of your own.

Please let me know how he does and if I can be of further assistance.

Dr B

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