Eclectus rubbing

by Ladyfair
(cincinnati, OH)

Why would our eclectus start rubbing its vent against my husbands arm? He's never done this before. He just turned 3 years old in Oct (its Jan now). My husband is also the one he pukes on all the time.

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Jan 11, 2012
it feels good to him!
by: Emma

I guess since you have an eclectus you know the sex for sure. I have a sun conure that I thought was a boy for the longest time but turns out she's a girl. She does this all the time to my fiance and me (mostly to me). She just loves me so much and it is very pleasurable to her. I don't know how explicit I should be, but it does involve masturbation when parrots do that, I always pull my hand away when my bird starts doing it. She does it more though when I am holding her upright in my hand.

Jan 02, 2012
Eclectus chosen husband
by: Tracie

I think you've got the picture, your bird has chosen your husband as the favored one. Please discourage this behavior by putting the bird back in the cage with a low, calm, "noooooo" to help curb this activity. Obviously your husband can not become his mate.

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