Eclectus Scratches his neck and side of face?

by Michele
(Palm Harbor, Florida)

Hello my eclectus sonny has lost some of his feathers a little down from the side by his nostrils , and he scratches the back area of his neck also. Do you think this is a dry skin problem and what can i do for him? In the summer time i have a humidafier i put on in his room but it blows cooler air , so it has not been on with the winter season .

Thank you

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Jun 12, 2011
Eclectus Update 6/12/11
by: michele

Hello all eclectus owners , I have been reading alot on the internet about owners having the same sympthoms one there Electus as my Sonny male .
Black patches on there feathers , and missing facial feathers , and some balding arround the neck..Some call this a mojo molt .Well in alot of cases it Not... I brought him to a very good vet the other day and she was very familiar to this , it a Fungas/bacteria infection and tomorrow he will go in for a biopsy to see if it is sistemic in his blood stream or not , that way we are not just treating him on the surface...The dr is teresa Lightfoot in tampa its not cheep but who is ... The put him under for like 15min . Its all the blood work that cost the whole bill is like 800.00 i know but what can you do ... So dont just blow off this black feather deal ... get it checked out by some one who knows ... i took him to a bird dr previously and she said it was a vitiman deal she was real wrong and if i would have just put the supplment powder on his food like she said when that wasnt the problem , it could have caused toe tapping disease as you know too much vit a will do that .. so be carefull ...
god bless..

Feb 23, 2011
Eclectus scratching
by: The Avian Vet

This could be from dry air, but it may be something more serious. I recommend that you take him to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Feb 22, 2011
by: Anonymous


I don't think it's an authority thing to own an eclectus. I actually think that's quite a harsh comment. I do agree to google eclectus parrots. You can gain some fantastic knowledge from other people who have them as pets & I think it is very unfair to state other eclectus owners or website (some are VERY good) don't know any better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing research on the net & this is where people often make mistakes, not researching before buying.

I also have an eclectus parrot. My avian vet is also very knowledgable with the eclectus species because they are a common pet where I live. He also does not agree with the high amount of pellets being given to the eclectus parrot. My point is all avians are different. My avian vet has also been doing this for 30+ years. Do your research on the bird. Visit your own avian vet as well. The more knowledge you can gain on this species, the better prepared you can be.

Buy another humidifer. That one sounds like it is broken.

Feb 22, 2011
Eclectus scratching
by: Tracie

Dr B will eventually answer this, but sometimes it takes a few days.

Someone suggested you look for an Elcectus site, many like for information. Honestly though, many people think they are an authority just because the breed Eclectus or own them, but an avian vet like Dr B that has treated them for over 30 years are your best resource.

I have several customers that feed their Eclectus Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds with great success. So don't let people tell you they can't eat pellets.

Feb 21, 2011
by: Anonymous


It sounds like you're not using the right machine or it's broken. You should replace it.

A humidifier should blow out warm water. The scratching could be due to itchy dry skin but there are many other reasons & your details are a little sketchy. Is she having regular baths or showers? This will help her itchy skin. You can also spray her with natural aloe juice, not gel. The juice seems to do a great deal better on ekkies than aloe gel & don't dilute it. You can also look at her diet. An ekkies diet can have a lot to do with feather & skin condition.

GOOGLE eclectus parrots. You get eclectus specific website that may be able to help you further.

Feb 21, 2011
Eclectus Scratches his neck and side of face?
by: Linda

Humidifiers emit warm water, so you're using a plain machine that shoots cold air into the air which is dangerous for bird. These cause a draft situation and can and do cause pneumonia in birds. Use a deep pan or two partially filled with rocks and keep water to just over the top of the rocks as this will add moisure to the air without worrying about the cold air emitted by the machine.

In the winter and summer, bird's skin gets dried out from the indoor heat/air units, and you can use a plant sprayer a few times a week to mist them and their cage. This not only helps the bird's skin, but also keeps down the dust in cage if you wipe cage down after spraying. Use one of the larger plastic plant sprayers that have never had anything in them. Use ONLY warm water and do not soak bird down, just mist around head, nose and hold up so some of the spray can fall gently down onto bird. You don't want him soaked in the winter, but I've used this method for years to keep bird's nostrils and skin from drying out. Use water that has been either boiled or is bottled like purified water as most of our water supplies are compromised with too many chemicals and toxins, so you don't want to add to the problem. We use an under the sink Culligan reverse osmosis filter system that we rent so they keep up with maintenance and filter changes. It takes most, but not all of the minerals out of water (you want some minerals in water), and the majority of toxins like chlorine, fluoride, lead and other stuff you may not even know is in your drinking water. Both chlorine and fluoride are toxic for birds, so their water must either be filtered or boiled and poured through cheesecloth to help purify. Do not use purified bottled water as birds need some minerals and will die if they have to drink water without some mineral content.

Thanks for writing,

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