Eclectus sitting on eggs

by dave
(liverpool uk)

my eclectus hen has been sitting 2 eggs for over 34 days , they have no cracks in but she will not let me near them , i haver tried to get to them to candle but she goes mad , the male is still feeding her and she does leave eggs for a few seconds a few times a day as i have them on camera , any chance they can still hatch or 1 could still hatch , she been sitting the 2nd laid for 32 days now . dave

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Aug 29, 2012
Eclectus sitting on eggs
by: Linda

Give them a few more days all the way to 35 and then they need to be pulled. Nestboxes need to be made with slider doors in front behind the entrance hole. This door consists of a very thin piece of wood that can be slid down behind the hole. The hen would have to be made to get out of the box so you could do this safely. If you cannot get her out of the box, I suggest you close doors to the room the birds are in, carefully take the nestbox down from outside of cage down to floor and open the back so you can get to the hen. Of course, Make sure the nestbox opening is closed before doing anything else as you do not want an angry and dangerous male all over you. The hen will also be potentially dangerous, so wear gloves and long-sleeved sweather or thick shirt. Use a towel to get her once she's out of box or you may have to pull her out using the towel and/or your gloves. Be as gentle as you can while making sure she does not get loose in the room because she will probably attack you from above. Birds become very aggressive during breeding and are a danger to themselves and others, so have no more than two people in the room so the hole in cage can be closed while the other gets box down onto the floor to try and get the hen out. No children or pets can be around while you do this because these birds are dangerous and you must work quickly, gently and stay calm at all times. Put hen back in cage with male as quickly as you can.

I also suggest you keep the nestbox off the cage and let the birds get back to normal. Before attempting breeding again, have birds examined by an Avian Vet before breeding to make sure they are healthy and without infection.

You will also want to fit the nestbox with the slider door I spoke of. It needs grooves put into both sides of the box using a scroll saw, and if you do not have one find someone who does and explain what you need. The slider door keeps the adult birds away from eggs so they can be checked and away from babies so they can be weighed and checked or fed. You absolutely have to have access to the eggs and babies, so if it means making a whole new nestbox, then so be it.


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