Eclectus tries to bite

by Dools
(Qld Aust)

I have a 11mth old male Electus, every time i put his food dish in his cage to feed him he tries to attack me, hisses and squarks at me, has just started this.He has a nice big cage, heaps of toys, fed fresh fruit n veg,nuts, just spoilt. I clipped his wings about 7-8mths ago and they havn't seemed to grown back at all. Is he lacking in something?

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Aug 07, 2010
Eclectus tries to bite
by: Linda

There could be several things going on here. How far up did you cut the feathers? If you cut more than the 6 long primary flight feathers at the bottom of the wings, your bird is in chronic pain. The correct way to cut their feathers is to cut the 6 primary feathers which are the long ones at the end of the wings. These are the feathers that give them lift, and if they are cut up into the secondary feathers, the bird is crippled plus suffers constantly from an aching pain which would make me attack someone, especially the someone who did the cutting.Hopefully, you did the trimming correctly.

The other issue is diet. Unless your bird is eating a basic diet of organic pellets like Harrison's or one of the other organics Tracie has here, he is not getting the correct nutrition. Even for an Eclectus, fruit and veggies should not be the main diet, and nuts are fatty, fill the bird up, and the protein is not high quality.People foods are horrible as they contain loads of salt, fat, sugar and preservatives, so no people food, ever.

Here is a link to how to change birds from seeds to pellets written by an Avian Vet:

Switching Birds to Pellets article

The other issue is your bird may be ill, and it would be a very good idea to take him to an Avian Vet as soon as is possible to check for infections both bacterial/viral and have some basic bloodwork done like a CBC, Liver panel, Kidney function as well as Thyroid/Parathyroid to make sure his body is functioning properly.

If you are already feeding him a high quality pellet and no seeds, disregard the part about that. If, however, you are either not feeding pellets or are feeding a low quality pellet product which is not organic and has preservatives and dyes, then change him over to one of the organics. Get the size grind recommended on the page for your bird's size and type.

Let us know how everything goes and what the Avian Vet has to say. There is a link here to help in finding an Avian Vet if you do not know where one is near you. As for when wing feathers grow back in, it takes 6 months or more or until the next molt for them to start coming back in, so hope they are not cut up into the secondary feathers as he will stay in pain all the time until feathers start coming back in which will also cause some discomfort as the trimmed area is sore and sensitive. Am hoping you did the trim correctly, and they will come in during his next molt without problems.


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