eclectus with "spotting" on face

by Susie
(Springfield, Mo. USA)

I am a new owner of my Solomon Island Eclectus, named Violet. Just recently she has started to get orange looking spots around her face, and on the back of her neck she is losing some feathers. I am not sure why this is happening, someone told me its molting but am concerned its more. Also what type of food would be best for her, and what kind of treats are recommended! Thank You, Susie

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Feb 01, 2012
feed your eclectus
by: Anonymous

yhe spotting could be molting. you should feed her prettybird species spesific eclectus. it has more fiber which is needed for eclectus because they have a longer digestive tract than most parrots. also give her a small dish of mixed veggies and fruit every morning. don't cook veggies just thaw.

Sep 23, 2008
Eclectus feather change
by: The Vet

This is not molting. Often Eclectus are feather pluckers and this will cause a feather color change. Other things that can cause this are poor nutrition, and liver disease. You should have her examined by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

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