by Lea Ann
(Ada, OK)

I have a female SI. She only has her dark grey feathers. I assume she is plucking but I do not know for sure. Her beak also grows very long. Is there a deficency for the beak growth? Would a food change help her on the plucking? I think it may be stress related since my male does not have any problems. What do you suggest? There are no avian vets within 60 miles of me.

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Jun 26, 2008
Eclectus feathers and beak
by: The Vet

My suggestion is to drive 60 miles. She needs a complete work up to determine what her health problems are. I am sure she is plucking, but there are literally thousands of causes for plucking.

One of the common problems I am seeing causing this in eclectus is skin fungal infections. Given that her beak is over grown, too, she likely has other problems also.

Nutrition is certainly a big part of a bird’s health. I do not know what she is eating, but you should be feeding a pellet diet as 80% of what she eats. I recommend Harrison’s, but Totally Organic Pellets (TOPS) have shown to be a good pellet for eclectus.

Please let me know what happens with your bird and if I can be of further assistance.

Dr B

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