edp conure died at vet office

by Ed Payne
(Newport News, VA)

I removed my 13 yr old sun conure from its normal cage to clean the cage and to remove several "dud" eggs that she had been setting on for a couple of weeks, and placed her in a small holding cage. As I removed her, she was active and somewhat aggressive about being moved. Approximately 2 hours later, when returning her from the perch in the smaller cage to her primary cage, a distant of about 2 ft, she was unable to hold on to my finger and fell about 3 ft, without attempting to fly. I placed her in her big cage and onto her food bowl; she was trying to eat, but also at the same time, trying to hold on with both claws, and her beak; and she seemed distressed.
I took her to a local vet, who examining her felt that she was physically distressed, had hut her leg, and she was egg bound. She treated her with vitamins & liquids; then she anesthetized her and removed the egg. The parrot remained over night at the Vet Clinic.
This AM she was reportedly doing better and I went to pick her up late this afternoon. As the Vet was reviewing the bidding on her status, she noted that she could put weight on her right leg, if she needed to, but she normally preferred not to: I inquired if the leg was broken, and the Vet indicated that they had not taken an X-ray of it, but thought it was a good idea, and it would round out the examination; and left with the parrot. After some period of time, she returned to say that my parrot had died after being anesthetized--a procedure that I hadn't been informed of and had not anticipated.
In reviewing the situation with an experienced parrot rescue person, I was informed that for the little parrot to be anesthetized twice in a 24 hrs period was to much and the Vet should have know such.
Needless to say, I am extremely distressed at the situation and second guessing my decision to have my little bird's leg X-rayed....

Sorry for the long narrative, but I feel that the details are important.....Any help on this one....????

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Feb 26, 2010
edp conure died at vet office
by: Linda

First of all, your bird was already in some major distress which is why she fell without trying to fly. Egg binding is a life threatening situation, and there is no telling how long she had been in that state. I think when they anesthetized her the first time to remove egg, they should have x-rayed leg then, but if the leg was not at a crooked angle then they probably did not think it was broken. Small hairline fractures can still be there though, so the x-ray was a good idea.

This is a two part situation, and your bird was already in so much distress the second anesthesia did push her over the edge. It is NOT your fault that this happened. Fact is that your bird was likely to die from all this anyway with or without the second anesthesia.

When you get another bird and start having this problem with egg laying, go ahead and take them to the Avian vet for a good overall checkup and for some help in stopping the chronic egg laying. In young birds, not fully developed, egg binding is very common and death from it is just as common. Sometimes, they will let us know they are having problems and sometimes the problem is acute and moves into extreme distress quickly.

I'm very sorry for your loss, and just know that you were trying your very best to help your little bird. Her death hurts you, and it is not your fault, so don't beat yourself up over it. Egg binding is something where we may or may not have any say in the outcome, so you did your best, and that's all we can do. In future, keep in mind about anesthesia and already distressed birds. Vet tried to save her life, and the x-ray should have been done at time of first anesthesia.

Thank you for writing, and we are here to support you anyway we can with any questions you may have in the future.


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