egg laying budgie

My 6 month old single female budgie has laid 4 eggs in one week. She seems healthy and comes out of her cage every couple hours to poo (she does not poo as much now and does not poo in her cage) I take her out to have her poo and play for about 20 minutes or as long as she will stay out.

Since her behavior changed a few weeks ago, I began to be concerned about her hormones thinking she wanted a mate or to lay eggs. I have been trying to feed her spinach, some fruit, broccoli and egg shells with her food to get the calcium. One problem is I live in Japan, there is no avain vet around here. She is eating seed food not pebble food. I am leaving the eggs in the cage on the floor where she lays them and lays on them. When will she stop? How many can she lay? Isn`t 6 months a little early to lay eggs? I appreciate your help!

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Mar 01, 2012
Budgie laying eggs at 6 mo
by: Tracie

First, you can contact one of the clinic below to purchase Harrison's pellets and get avian advice and treatment. If your bird is eating Harrison's you will not have to worry about calcium or egg binding.


PCNF Pet Care New Foods Co. LTD
6-36-102 Fukazu-Cho
Nishinomiya - Hyogo, 663-8203 -
Phone: 01181798682910
Fax: 01181798682920

PCNF is affiliated with Dr. Naoko Sanada
Bird House 3-20-2 Akihara Kashiwa-Shi
Chiba 277-08443
Phone or Fax: 01181471402850

Many birds lay eggs without a mate. Dr B suggests you read his Chronic Egg Laying article for information on caring for your bird.

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