egg laying budgie

by peace bhamra

Hi, have a pair of budgies about 3 years old. Problem is that female lays eggs and doesn't seem interested in hatching them and breaks them. What do i do? (Am not interested in breeding them)Have also seen the link you previously sent about chronic egg laying, but it doesn't seem to help.

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Aug 08, 2012
Egg laying budgie
by: Tracie

You say that the article, Chronic Egg Laying, didn't help. Does that mean you have already done these steps? If you have taken your bird to an avian vet and made SURE your bird is only getting 10 hours of light every day, then the only thing left is an avian vet giving your bird a hormone shot to prevent it from laying eggs. That is NOT recommended unless your bird's health is at stake.

The first step in treating chronic egg laying is to put your bird on a complete diet. (This means a high quality pellet diet if available in your country.) A bird that is on an balanced diet is in little danger of the health problems associated with chronic egg laying.

The second step is to have your bird examined by an avian veterinarian for a complete work up, including exam, blood work, cultures, and all necessary treatments.

Your veterinarian will be looking for bacterial and yeast infections related to holding in the poops, signs of poor nutrition and stress, and clinical signs of calcium deficiency.

The third step is to decrease the amount of light your bird receives during the day. You want to provide them with a maximum of 10 hours of light per day. This will help prevent hormone release that leads to egg production.

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