egg laying cocatiel

by Rose

I have a female cocatiel that has layed 4 eggs in 4 days.She is my only bird but a few weeks back I minded my friends male cocatiel.So not sure if the eggs are fertile.How do you know and how long will it take before we know if we are going to have little babies.Hope some one can anwser my question.Thankyou have a great weekend.

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Sep 20, 2012
Thanks for the info...
by: Asif Arain

Hi thanks for the infotmation you share here on parrot &conure world i really appreciate it.
One more thanks for increasing my knowledge buddy take care bye

Sep 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

Cockatiels share laying on the eggs so even if they are fertile you really need the male as the female probably wont sit on then 24/7.

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