egg laying question

by stef tarby
(warrington cheshire)

hi i have started to breed african greys, the hen has started to lay her first egg today, wen the cock comes in box she moves off the egg and he starts to cover it up with the shavings is this ok !! thnks stef

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Oct 06, 2011
egg laying question
by: Linda

Please carefully remove the egg and get ALL the chips out of the nestbox. You do not need anything in the box if you have the correct kind of box. Boxes are made with a concave area in the middle of the floor to keep eggs from rolling all over the box, and you do not need any kind of wood chips in the box. When babies hatch, they will eventually start to try and eat the wood chips, and they will kill them.

So if your box does not have the concavity in the floor of the box, use shredded newspaper. I mean the kind with NO print on it. In the States, we go to our local newspaper office, and they have partially used rolls that have no print ink on them, and they can be bought for very little money. You would have to shred the paper yourself unless you can find a source for this elsewhere. There are places that bail up shredded newspapers, and it looks like bailed hay and is ready to use. Most of this is printed though, and you do not want to use any kind of printed paper.

Once you remove the wood chips, keep an eye on the male because if he goes in and messes with the eggs, he will need to be removed quickly or may break them open. An inexperienced male will do this. Hopefully your Greys are 5-6 years old or the hen will not be ready to try and lay an egg. Hens have to be completely sexually mature or the egg cannot be pushed out properly. Hens too young for breeding will die in egg binding, so hopefully you know what you're doing here.

Thanks for writing,

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