Egg laying - when is it ready?

by Ruchi

Hpw do i know my indian ring neck parrot is ready for laying eggs ??

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Feb 01, 2011
Egg laying - when is it ready?
by: Linda

The Ringnecks and similar sized birds need to be at least two years old before even thinking about any breeding. Both birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet before any breeding is considered to clear them for infections which will be passed onto babies who will die from them.

You may need to do more study as to breeding requirements for your birds including incubation period, how to candle eggs to see if they are fertile or clear, how to hang a proper nestbox for the birds so you have access from the back.

Many, many details need to be nailed down before beginning any bird breeding program. It can be expensive and always is very time consuming. You also need to learn how to handfeed baby parrots using baby parrot handfeeding formula fed with a syringe before breeding because some birds will not feed their babies, and it will be up to you to raise them.Handfeeding is a learned skill and not just anyone can do it even though they may think they can. This is the cause of death for many baby parrots and is totally unnecessary when there are breeders usually willing to teach people to handfeed and care for their babies.


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