egg laying

by jeff Denington
(Niagara falls)

My conure has just laid one egg two days ago and another one today
I am not really sure how I should handle this....can you maybe direct me
Thanks Jeff!!!

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Sep 15, 2009
Conure laying eggs
by: Tracie

I suggest that you read our article on Chronic Egg Laying to understand this situation. Even though your bird is not a chronic egg layer, it will still answer your questions.

If the bird is sitting on them, then leave them there for the bird to sit on until she grows weary of them. Many people will put fake eggs in the nest because they fear the bird cracking and eating the eggs and possibly dying. I don't see that this is an option this time.

If the bird is not sitting on the eggs, then you can remove them as they are laid. Make sure the bird is eating a healthy pellet diet like Harrison's to prevent egg binding.

If the bird acts sick at all, get her to an avian vet quick because egg binding is fatal if not treated quickly.

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