egg laying

by anna

how can i tell if my bird is egg laying? she is bobbing in and out of nest box and male is guarding it. anyone near cage and she screams madly.

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Jul 16, 2010
egg laying
by: Linda

I don't know what kind of box you have, but the correct ones hang outside of the cage with only the hole and little perch showing on the inside. The boxes have hinged tops so that one can see into them to either check on the eggs, take out eggs to candle them, or later to feed the two smaller babies if needed. Birds' eggs hatch every other day, so there is quite a bit of difference in size between the first hatched and the last two making them smaller. If your birds are parrots, the two smaller ones may have to be handfed using a baby parrot handfeeding formula until they catch up in size with the two larger babies. Baby birds shove the smaller ones out of the way or stand on them to make sure they eat. In the wild, it is normal for only two babies to survive as the older, larger babies keep the smaller ones from eating and also mash them by standing on them.

So, if your box is not made where you have access, you need to take it out and get the right kind of box. Your cage needs to be a real "breeding" cage which has opening for box to be hung on the outside of cage. When not in use, the flap is closed and open and down when in use.

The first rule to breeding birds is to know what you are doing. If you have not already learned how to handfeed baby parrots, then you will also need to learn how to do this properly. If done incorrectly, babies can be killed by aspiration which is getting food into the windpipe. This causes pneumonia which is fatal in baby birds. Food too hot or too cold can also kill them by either burning their crops or cold food not digesting and causing a massive infection or impaction in crop. Handfeeding is a learned skill, and no one can do it right the first time without having been taught how to do it.

So, unless you've done this several times and know exactly what you're doing, take out the box, throw away all the eggs inside and wait to try again until you have the correct kind of breeding cage and the correct nestbox. You can learn to handfeed by asking if you can watch other breeders do it, and if they are kind enough to allow you to come and watch, take notes or a video to make sure you understand how this is done correctly because the babies' lives are at stake. Sometimes the parents feed babies just fine and sometimes they do not, so you have to know how to do it BEFORE BABIES ARE HATCHED.

The parent birds also have to be seen by an Avian Vet BEFORE breeding because any infections they may have will be transferred to the young, and the baby parrots will die from even low grade infections because they have no immune system.

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