Egg Laying

by Jane
(Lake Placid, FL)

How do I stop my jenday conure from laying so many eggs? She's laid about 20 so far this year. She is my only pet and is not a breeder. This seems to be taking a toll on her.

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Sep 20, 2008
egg laying
by: Lori

In addition to what Tracie said don't give her anything that she can make a nest out of. I switched to a wire bottom cage. I also took away the mirror that she loved so much because the vet thought that might stimulate her and never take away her eggs until she is no longer interested in them. I also quit letting her roam freely because she would get under my furniture and lay eggs. It's now been 2 years since she has layed eggs. Good luck!

Sep 20, 2008
Egg laying bird
by: Tracie

Hello Jane,

Dr. B has answered this sort of question for many people.

He doesn't know why birds do this, some bird just do.


Do not pet your bird down the back.

Do not encourage any "mate" behavior. If the bird regurgitates for you, put the bird back in the cage and walk out of the room. You can't be her mate, you will only disappoint her.

Shorten her daytime hours to 10 hours. Sometimes this alone will get a bird out of breeding stage. You might have to get a sleeping cage and put it in another room and cover the cage to make it dark and quiet.

Make sure the bird is on a quality pellet so that it doesn't end up with egg binding.

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