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My Green cheek conure is 11 years old and started laying eggs for the first time. She is not very big and has already laid 4 eggs and looks like she has another one. How long will this go on and what can we do to stop the process?

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Mar 20, 2009
Conure laying eggs
by: The Vet

You should give her at least 10 hours of day light. When she sits on the eggs, leave the eggs in the cage. If you remove them she will just lay more. When she is tired of sitting, she will stop, and then you can take them out. This takes about 25-30 days of sitting.

Don't give her a place to lay them; no box, no nest on the cage floor. And if there is no grate in the cage, then put it back in, or get a cage with a grate. Don't pet her on her back; this only serves to sexually excite her and leads to more eggs. Pet her only on her head and neck.

Provided your bird is eating a formulated diet (pellets) as 80% of her intake, there are no health risks to egg laying. If your bird is not eating pellets then SWITCH HER TODAY! You need to do what ever it takes to get her eating pellets. The best you can feed is Harrison's High Potency. Please read the Switching Birds to Pellets article if you need help.

Tracie has an article she has put together about Chronic Egg Laying that might help you understand more about the health needs of your bird, even though your bird is not a chronic egg layer.

Dr B

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