egg laying

by nicola

woke up this am to find my conure had laid an egg, his or her should i say now behaviour has changed alot towards me in the last 8 weeks, was like my best buddy, now goes to attack me all the time, i just cant understand, and now the egg laying has totally threw me.

she is on a seed diet and has fruit every day but generally picks at it. do i need to change her diet ? this is the first time she has done it since i had her 2 years ago. im not sure how old she is as had her from a petshop as she was taken there because her owner died.

Also do i leave the egg or take it out as she is showing no interest?

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May 12, 2009
less friendly
by: Judy Crumbly

I have a love bird that I hand fed at birth. My best buddy until she laid her first egg. Every since then she will attack my hand when I put my hand inside. When I let her out of the cage she will sit on my head, shoulder etc. As soon as I put her in her cage she will attack my hand. She has not laid an egg in over a year and still will not except me going in her cage. I can't figure out why she will not be my buddy only on the outside of the cage. I just wanted to share the same experience you are having.

May 12, 2009
Bird laying eggs
by: Tracie

We have several articles on our Parrot Training page you should read.

Start with the Switching Birds to Pellets article. It is too late for this bout with egg laying, but if your bird is on a healthy pellet diet you won't have to worry about egg binding.

Even though this is the only time your bird has laid an egg, the article on Chronic Egg Laying will help you understand how to care for your bird during this time.

Please do not remove the eggs if the bird is interested in sitting on them. If you keep removing the eggs she will just keep producing them and will become calcium deficient. Since your bird is on a seed diet, I would take the bird to an avian vet for a check up and blood work.

It is possible that she will lay several more eggs and she will lay them every 2 to 3 days most likely. If she gets fluffed up on the bottom of the cage or in a food dish, get her to an avian vet quick.

You should start doing the research now for an avian vet, because when the emergency comes, it is not a good time to go searching. It is best to already have an established relationship with an avian vet when illness or emergencies arise.

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