egg laying

by Lisa

My peach face has been acting strangely over the last few weeks (fluffed up feathers on bottom of cage) and her bum was swollen and red. Today we found an egg in her cage and now she is trying to build a nest for it with newspaper and is sitting on it. She is alone in her cage so it is unfertilised. What should we do?

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Jun 01, 2009
by: Linda

First, get the egg out of there as quickly as possible. Take all others out as well as quickly as you can. If she cracks the egg and eats some of the fluid, it will kill her and is called albumin poisoning. It is not a pretty sight as it attacks the central nervous system and is painful for bird and for us to have to watch.

The other request is to get her to an avian vet as soon as is possible because it sounds like she has an infection. If she is too young to be laying, the next egg could kill her coming out. Sometimes the eggs won't come out, break inside them, and they go into shock and die.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION WITH YOUR BIRD. She needs testing to see if there is an infection, and sounds like there is. Talk with vet about this egg laying without the presence of either a male or a nestbox. She does not need to lay anymore eggs until she is well and old enough to do so. Vet will be able to help you, so please don't delay taking her in.


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