egg laying

My Nanday Conure has laid three eggs approximately three weeks ago she is still sitting on them how should I remove them?


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Jun 23, 2009
by: Linda

Janet, just pick her up and put her out of the way so you can take eggs out and throw away. If she if laying in bottom of cage, this is a dangerous situation. If she cracks one of the eggs and eats some of the fluid, she can be poisoned with the albumin in the eggs. This poison effects the central nervous system in a short while, and kills them. I had this happen, and it is not a site you want to see. Take each egg out as it is laid and throw away. If you are interested in breeding, then you'll need a male, a large cage and a wooden nestbox where the front fits into a hole in cage leaving the entire back exposed so you can check on eggs, babies and/or take them out for handfeeding and then put them back or not. If not interested in breeding, just do not put any kind of nest box in there and keep picking up the eggs. You may wish to take her to an Avian vet to see if there is something they can SAFELY do to get her to stop laying. I'm not sure about this. Most birds will stop laying after a while. You can also buy "fake" eggs to replace the real ones with, and she will possibly be fooled into thinking she is sitting on her real eggs. Not sure where to get these, just do a search on "replacement" or "fake" eggs for parrots, specifically for the Nandays. Your vet may also be able to tell you where to go to get them or get them for you.This would be the best idea for her as hormones and such are sometimes dangerous for the parrots. You'd need to discuss all of this with a qualified Avian vet in your area.


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