Egg stuck to chest

by Tina

my cockato had four eggs and her and her partner took them out the cage and she has one attached to her chest
what do i do

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Aug 20, 2011
2month parrot
by: Anonymous

My parrot came out of his box he was nesting in but it has what looks like dry pooh on his one claw. what should I do I'm scared to touch it? will the mom & dad reject it after I take it out of the cage?

Aug 18, 2011
Egg stuck to chest
by: Linda

Use a little warm, not hot water and see if you can work it loose very gently. It is probably cracked and has leaked fluid onto the bird's chest. Get if off as quickly as you can because broken bird eggs will kill your birds if they eat some of the fluid.


PS If all else fails, take bird to Avian Vet for help with this. Do not, for any reason, hurt this bird. I also suggest you take out the nestbox and separate these two birds as they are either not old enough to breed or do not know how to breed. Birds hatched in incubators and handfed from birth, imprint on humans and they will never breed successfully as they don't know they are birds. The first thing they saw was a human with a syringe, so human is both Mother and Father.

They also have to be two years to be able to breed right with the female able to lay eggs.

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