eggs and sore leg

by Debbie
(QLD, Australia)

about two weeks ago our pet female lorikeet layed ONE egg, this morning have noticed she has a sore leg, she has got another male lorikeet in the cage with her, she has been sitting on her egg during the day and night.

she has not layed another egg yet as she usually lays TWO to three eggs. could laying the egg be causing the sore leg? she is not walking around and hardly hops on your hand. she is still eating
, should she be laying another egg?

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Feb 02, 2011
Maybe egg bound bird
by: The Avian Vet

This bird needs immediate veterinary attention. It is likely that she is egg bound. If you are not feeding pellets, like Harrison's, then I feel certain that she is egg bound. This is life threatening and should be attended to immediately. The leg problem is likely related to an egg inside her that is putting pressure on the sciatic nerve which controls leg movement.

Dr B

Feb 01, 2011
eggs and sore leg
by: Linda

Debbie, you have your priorities completely wrong here. This bird needs to be immediately examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area before you worry about eggs. Also, what do you mean by "another male in the cage". If you have two males in there, they will either kill each other, her or any babies that are unlucky enough to come out of this.

Only breed a pair to a cage and always take an injured bird to an Avian Vet as this leg could have been bitten, is infected, and will have to be amputated while you wait on more eggs.

Please get this bird into a cage by herself, take her to Avian Vet and have this leg treated, leave her in cage alone and separate any males into cages of their own. Never keep two grown male parrots together and especially not with a female as this means war and death. Your birds are not in the wild, they are crammed into cages where they have no where to go when attacked.

Do some study on how and why we breed birds and how to go about it before attempting this again as you are destined for failure and heartbreak.


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