My 11 year old quaker parrots has laid 3 unfertilized eggs. She stays at the bottom of her cage and is plucking feathers off. What do you suggest I do with the eggs and to stop her behavior? Thanks,


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Jan 05, 2009
Egg laying Quaker
by: Tracie

If the bird is sitting on the eggs, then you need to leave the eggs until she quits sitting. If you take them away she might keep laying more and develop a calcium deficiency.

Plucking feathers is not a good sign and if she is fluffed up then that is not good either. You should consider taking her to your vet if she starts acting like something is wrong. Egg binding is a possibility.

Make sure you are feeding her a diet of 80% pellets and 20% healthy treats so that she has proper nutrition. Our avian vet says that if we feed our egg laying Conure Harrison's pellets then she will be less likely to have egg binding from a calcium deficiency.

Having full spectrum lighting is helpful for them to process the vitamins in their food and have strong bones.

You might also find the Chronic Egg Laying article good reading even if your bird doesn't lay eggs often.

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