Ekkie scratching

My 10 year old Ekkie I have had for two years, is constantly picking and scratching herself lately, she is a female, bonded to me, but since the winter started, I live in colorado, she is indoors all the time, and I spray her every other day, diet is fresh fruit, some cheese and egg, varied vegetables and nuts, and whatever else she fancies.

what can I do?

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Jan 03, 2011
your ekkie
by: Anonymous

You can try misting her on a daily basis & in the bathroom where it is most likely to be humid. She needs humidity, this can relieve dry itchy skin.

Diet can also play a part in itching. Your diet sounds really good however you may want to cut down on the cheese & egg. She doesn't really need cheese at all & offer her an egg maybe about once a month, no longer. Ekkies require a high fibre, high veg protein & low animal protein diet. Eggs are very high in animal protein. Lots of sprouts, veggies & some fruit is a good start. You can add some pellets to this, organic (there are a few to choose from), natural pellets. Harrisons & Dr Macs (depending on where you live) are recommended. I believe there is another called Totally Organics which is also recommended for ekkies in particular. You don't need to go over board with the pellets, maybe about once or twice a week is fine.

Google Eclectus Parrots. There is a wealth of information out there & people who specifically have websites for eclectus parrot owners. They can give you more details on this sort of thing.

One last thing. Eclectus parrots are known to have an allergy to a food. It can be a food that isn't particularly good for them or it can be a food that is normally good for this species. Take your bird to an avian vet that is familiar with eclectus parrots & get a wellness check. Try to stick to specific eclectus diets (google), & cut back on processed or un natural foods & see if there is a difference.

I am an eclectus owner & my eclectus is sensitive to certain foods I give him. He is particularly sensitive to high maintenance pellets & dried fruit with preservatives in them, I keep him on a sprout diet (has them all day to eat), veggies, some fruit, a little seed & pellet on the side. He has had a clean bill of health given to him by his vet since doing this. He also gets very itchy in winters because they're dry. I also know another eclectus owner who is sensitive to green capsicums. They're very very good for ekkies but this particular eclectus can't eat them. I wish i could give you some websites that would be helpful to you.

Good Luck!

Dec 31, 2010
Itchy Eclectus
by: Tracie

I think you may want to read up on Eclectus and feed her a different diet. There are a LOT of opinions, some say no pellets, but our avian vet teaches at a university and he suggests Harrison's for Eclectus. He sees a LOT of Eclectus and can verify that it is the best diet for them, because he also sees birds that follow other "website expert" diets that have more health issues.

Because you will find so many opinions out there, if you choose to do your own thing, then this is one of the more trusted "website experts" out there. I don't believe they are avian vets, but people trust them anyway.


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