Elderly person parrot ownership?



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Nov 04, 2008
Elderly parrot owner question
by: Tracie

I think that is up to the elderly person. They just need to make sure that there is someone that will take the bird when they are not able to care for the bird anymore.

I would have them consider getting a bird that is not prone to being a one person bird and then make sure that many people handle the bird often to keep it friendly. This way, if they go to the hospital or have to give up the bird, the bird will have an easier transition.

My mom has Bourke's Parakeets because they are quiet. She can't take the noise in her older years. A hand tame, hand fed Bourke's Parakeet is a very fun, sweet bird to have around. One that is not hand fed and hand tame is quiet, but not very active.

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