electus parrot talking

Hi I have a one and half year old male electus parrot which I have had for two weeks now he lets me hold and stroke him but will not repeat any words I say to him.when were all out the room he talks loads nd whistles but is not picking up any words I'm saying to him or talking infront of us do you no why.

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Feb 06, 2012
closet talkers
by: Anonymous

It's called closet talking & it's very common in eclectus parrots. They already know how to speak or learn to speak but are nervous in their new environment & around new people. This makes them closet talkers. It is completely normal. Give him time, When he gets a lot more used to his new home & he begins to trust you more he start talking directly to you. Google eclectus parrots to read up on the properly. They are quite the different parrot species when it comes parrots :)

Feb 06, 2012
Training an eclectus parrot to talk
by: Tracie

It takes time to train a bird to repeat words. Some birds never repeat words. You will need to continue to develop a relationship with your bird so that it wants to please you and communicate with you.

Please read the parrot training articles on our Parrot Training page for help in training your African Grey.

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