English budgie aggression

by JJ
(United States)

I just got an english budgie a few days ago and named him buggie. Buggie realy like a corner of the perch so sometimes my sisters Budgie Twilight is in the corner that my budgie likes. So when my Budgie tries to go in his corner My sisters budgie will bite him which makes my budgie buggie fall because he has demented feet. They were bought in the same cage to so i would think they would get along. what do i do to make my sisters budgie stop biting my budgie?

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Jul 23, 2009
cage territorial
by: Anonymous

twilight is probably territorial of her space and feels dominant over your budgie mine do the same thing, unless they start attacking eachother or your budgie gets hurt then there isnt much of a problem good luck :)

Aug 19, 2008
English Budgie biting
by: Kralice4u

I am sad to say that there might be a possibility that your sister's Budgie may not stop biting Twilight if he has "DEMENTED" feet as you mentioned.
On the other hand he might stop.
Birds generally can tell if another bird has a handicap.
They establish a "Pecking order" and in this case Twilight is the "Low man" on the Totum pole. I would suggest that you monitor their activity and if your sister's Budgie continually bites Twilight, seperate them. It may be a good idea to do that, but put the cages close together. After a period of time try putting them together under close supervision.
Good Luck, I sincerely hope they end up getting along!

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