english budgie step up

by JJ
(United States)

I just got an english budgie who i named buggie a few days ago and so far i can hand feed him and kind of pet him. I think he doesnt fully trust me but trusts me a good amount. Now i think i should teach him step up. The only problem is he has demented feet so everytime i try to press on his chest he falls instead of stepping on my finger. I try to coax him with millet but everytime he almost gets on my finger he falls. So how do you think i can train him to step up with out him falling off his perch?

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Aug 19, 2008
by: JJ

Thanks for your help. Buggie can now come out of his cage and to do that he just jumps on you. When hes on the ground to pick him up i just scoop him up gently.

Aug 19, 2008
help bird step up
by: Tracie

Hi JJ,

Well, your bird may not be good at the step up command, but maybe you can still teach him to climb on to your palm. We don't even use the words "step up" with our birds. We just say, "come on" and that means they can get on us.

One of my Conures never has like fingers, so I stick my hand near him with my palm down for him to climb on to me. He is also very cage territorial, so I do NOT stick my hand in the cage. I let him climb out on to the door and get him from there.

I hope this helps, Tracie

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