english budgie with demented feet

by JJ
(United States)

I just got an english budgie who I named Buggy and he has demented feet. The pet store guy said that was the way he was holding on to the toy when i got him. But when i got home i noticed that both his feet are weirdly demented. He has trouble holding on to the perch and falls off usually when he is cleaning himself or when i try making him step on my finger. Should i lower his perches, so that he doesnt hurt himself, or just leave tham the way they are?

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Aug 19, 2008
by: JJ

Im actually going to keep buggie and i did lower the perches, he still falls but now he probably wont hurt himself as easily. He now can come out of his cage and is doing really great! Thanks for your help.

Aug 18, 2008
Budgie with demmented feet
by: Kralice4u

By all means lower the perches so Buggy wont have to far to fall if you are going to keep him.
If you have not bonded with him and you want to return him most pet stores have a 3 day rule, but they may be a little leniant with you beyond the 3 days being as they sold you a bird with "Demented" feet.
However; I have a dear friend that has a budgie with only one leg and we all love it immencely!
This particular bird has laid eggs and cared for her young.
Good luck with Buggy!

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