english budgies advice on health, and food problems

by sapsapy
(sharon ma us)

i have two english bugies a male and female and the isuess are as folows
hi i have two enlish bugie parakeets a female and male both around 7 to 8 months i adopted them at age 6 months old and probably around feburary or march, i taught my female parakeet to stand on my hand by the command of up preaty bird or up and she used to let me pet her my male though still bites me and isnt confident in me at all. i used to let my female parakeet vered have a break outside of the cage and do what she wants she usually sat down un the top of the cage, both my parakeets eat from my hand and may stand on it to get the food. but since i let them fly in the bathroom once and put them back they lost there trust to me. i get my hand close to vered to make her stand on me and then she gets used to me to tell her the comand up for a little wille but fergots when i come back the next day, and i have noticed they seem to eat alot and my brother believes they have become more chuby, though because they wont let me mesure there waight i am not sure. but they only eat the millet and nothing bigger or anything ells we usually have to grind the food in order for rthem to eat the rest. but i read on a site about traing birds that foods with nuts lowers there life span and has site affects like long beak growth, wet poop.
i am just curiose what to chose for the health of my parakeets
.also my female parakeet has something on top of her right eye.
but my parents dont believe parakeets should see a vet
what should i do. also my parakeets only eat the millet i give them and they leave evry thing ells behind or through on the ground, i tried to look for food which did not contain the big colorful things which they dont eat but i couldnt fifnd it. ive tried to grind it but they didnt like it. and i was curious if maybe this isnt good food for them. sorry i think i said this already.
i played with them yesterday and the male let me pet him in the stomach if i said preaty bird in a parrots voice like talk high piched and squicky, and i am trying to teach him to stand on me but he still runs away abit unless i put my hand ontop of his legs and wait a long time until he gets tierd and comes up on to me but i have to repeat up preaty bird in a parrots voice a long time, im not sure if he still trusts me now because i havnt played with them yet today.
p.s sorry for how long this is.

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Feb 10, 2010
English Budiges make good pets
by: Gary

You should get one by 6 weeks old not 6 months. People want the larg heads and broad brows but sometimes they are 9-12 months old B4 they mature that much. They can grow for 2yrs but not much to notice untill you compare B4 & afters. Most successful English Budgie breeders will not sell what most look for @ the young age because of what I have written. I have been breeding and exhibiting since the 80's and have bred champion birds.

Dec 17, 2009
Getting a one year old budgie to trust you.
by: Charmaine

Hi, I bought a budgie recently and have him for a month now. He is more or less one year old. I got him as far as sitting on my hand and shoulder, but only for a few minutes before he flies back to his cage. I get the feeling he only tolorates me. Is it posible to get him to love me or should I just get him a partner? I hardly hear him, he is a very quit bird. I just want to see him happy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Oct 04, 2009
my budgie
by: Anonymous

my budgie wa sil last night he was hanging with his wings down and eyes shutting for hours i put the cover over him and this morning he is up and about what could be wrong

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May 10, 2009
Budgie questions
by: The Vet

First, parakeets do need to see a veterinarian annually. Having them examined by a veterinarian (not your brother, unless he is a veterinarian) will determine if they are fat. Your bird with something above the right eye needs to be examined soon.

Using nuts and seeds as treats for training is not enough to make them fat. If they are on a good diet (60-70% pellets) nutritional issues are not a problem.

Second, the best way to tame and train budgies is to have their wing feathers clipped.

Dr B

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