Enrofloxacin for conure

by Anne
(Central U.S.A.)

My blue crown conure of 30 years was prescribed Enrofloxacin, 17mg - 14ml 2x a day for 4 weeks. Would this be a usual course of treatment for a conure of that age?
Specifically, the duration. also, would appreciate positive and negative experiences with this antibiotic.
Thank you .

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Dec 15, 2013
Thank you've
by: Anne

Thank you, Sandra.
Your condolences mean a great deal to me. I am still suffering
in the complicated grieving process. It has been an incredibly painful time in my otherwise blessed life.
At some point I may be able to speak in detail about what occured. My hope is to help others who may have been at a point in their life where they were enduring unfortunate circumstances.
I love my beautiful girl so very much, and miss her beyond words. She was a great joy, with such a loving presence.

Nov 16, 2013
So sorry for your bird's passing
by: Sandra D Singh

Hello Anne, I’m very sorry about your bird’s passing, my heartfelt condolences to you. I know that you’re hurting badly and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to make your pain and sadness go away. Pray and Lord would give you the strength that is needed to cope and don’t blame yourself or anyone else. We all have to go back to the Lord some day whether it’s today, tomorrow or years from now and not many of us shall know when that specific time shall arrive. When that time reaches we can’t say that we are not yet ready because we have NO say in “that matter” whatsoever.
Anne you’re NOT responsible for your bird’s passing; you’re NOT God. ONLY the Lord has THAT power so don’t you blame yourself or anyone. You mentioned that you wished you'd thought clearly so that she would’ve been alive. When your time to leave this earth has arrived YOU or NO ONE ELSE would be able to do ANYTHING to prevent that from happening. If it wasn’t her time yet she’d have been alive because she would’ve met one of the best veterinarians and gotten the medications to get her well as before. I don’t believe that she died from too much Enro and its side effects, NO. I think it was simply her time to leave you and everything else behind. You've said it’s tragic for a beautiful and loving pet that you’ve had for more than half your life to pass but what can you do? You only have to console yourself with knowing that you’d taken great care of her and you’d done your endeavour best! Don’t you ever think even for another second that you’d failed her in anyway? YOU DID YOUR BEST and you loved her dearly.
You’re already dealing with your health issues and any kind of stress would only make it worse so please try not to think that you’d ANYTHING to do with her death. I’m saying this to you not once but many times, you're NOT the cause of her being dead. Your dear bird was 30 years old and far as I understand she wasn’t very healthy either. You mentioned that last year she was prescribed Enro for 14 days and did well without any problems. So she’d that medication before and got well, why didn't she get well this time with that same medication? You see Anne, she can’t live forever my dear. Conures life span is about 30 years also. At least you’d done your best for her at home before taking her to the ER where she passed overnight; so don’t beat yourself up about it. Of course you would’ve felt better if she had passed peacefully at home with you but it wasn’t your choice to make Anne, was it? So don’t be angry with yourself please. My heart goes out to you girl; tears are washing my cheeks as I'm typing.
May the Lord bless her dear little soul as she now rest in peace; without any pain. Anne take care of yourself and God bless.

Nov 14, 2013
by: Anne

Thank you Linda and Sandra.

In the last several years my girl had excellent avian vets.
This vet we have seen several times and was very experienced.
My usual practice was to look up any drug prescribed, as well as ask questions.
This time not my usual self... and my girl paid a hefty price for it. I wish the vets would advise of side effects and to notify them of any concerns.
It has been so difficult to live with knowing you are responsible.
I can't for the life of me understand why a four week duration and with a refill.
If it was to be gor a short course, I had never been advised.
When I brought her to the ER I mentioned to the intake vet about too long of a course of Enro. I was told that it was not unusual. I said, "it is?"
I wish I had my clear thinking, she would be alive.
I wish the vet advised to come in when I called, she may have had a chance.
I now understand she died from too much Enro, and the side effects.

Nov 14, 2013
by: Anne

Thank you for your responses. I am most appreciative of your time to post a reply. Yes, avian vet.
Sadly, my joy of a girl died. So tragic for a beautiful and loving pet I had for more than half my life.
I took great care of her as she was deserving of. This time I failed her. I am beyond devasted, crushed, and in pain.
Due to my health issues and under amount of stress... I admit I did not do my homework as usual. Last year she was prescribed Enro for 14 days and did well. So, I didnt anticipate any problems.
I did administer the dosage as directed. For the first two weeks she did well. Looking back, I see she was sleeping more in the fourth week with loss of appetite. I tried to encourage her to eat, I thought she was just being fussy. After completion of course, I saw her eating less, contacted the vet as she had a slight seizure.. the vet advised if she had another seizure bring
her in or else we will see her next week. Didn't get the feeling
anyone would be available to see her, I did my best at home
until a few days later when a vet would be available. I brought
her to the ER, she was weak and passed overnight.

I would have preferred her pass peacefully with me, but no one spoke to me about her condition. I am so angry with myself, I have never reacted so poorly to her care (long story). My girl suffered and died so unnecessarily. I miss her terribly.

Nov 09, 2013
Enrofloxacin for conure
by: Linda

That is too long for any kind of antibiotic. What is the diagnosis for your bird? Also make sure you take your bird to an Avian Vet ONLY because this sounds like a dog and cat vet who knows nothing about diagnosing and treating birds.They kill more birds than they help.

After 4 weeks of these meds, your bird will have a full out fungal yeast infection if it does not kill bird.

Please find an Avian Vet in your driving are because they are the only ones who know anything at all about birds and other exotic animals.


Nov 09, 2013
Enrofloxacin for conure
by: Sandra D Singh

Anne I’m so sorry that your dear bird is ill. But I must ask is this your bird regular vet, and is the vet an “Avian Vet”? I do hope so because dogs and cat vets knows nothing about our dear little babies. About the medication, this is a question you should’ve asked and would've to ask the vet. If you couldn’t think at the same time when it was prescribed, as soon as you'd thought about it and was in doubt, you should’ve called and ask.

I’m a person who likes to ask questions and especially where my birds, my daughter and my health are concerned; better safe than sorry! God forbid if something should happen to anyone of my birds and the doctor shall prescribe medication; I’d remind him the age of my bird and ask if the medication wouldn’t be too strong for him/her and let him double check. Making sure of safety is better than making a huge mistake.

I usually take my birds for a check-up and to have their nails trimmed twice during the year but not for any illnesses; thank God. And after their doctor checked and sounded them I'd ask questions because I want to know if everything is good. The vet usually see what they're eating because they would've food in their cage. I also let him know about snacks and everything that I'm giving them.

At the end January this year I’ve had to have my 18 year old Cockatiel euthanized; she’d suffered a stroke and couldn’t swallow. Before doing it I made sure there wasn't "anything" that her doctor could've done to make her well; I asked so many questions.

Another thing, I shall “never” leave my birds alone with their doctor or anyone in his office. I'd also hold my birds while they're having their nails trimmed. No one would hold them but me because I know how firm I'm holding. While the vet was euthanizing my dear little bird I was holding her and I held her a few seconds after her last breath. The doctor even said Miss Singh she's already gone, I said I know that.

"Thanks to someone on this site that said her bird was traumatized after the vet took her bird into another room to trim his nails and when they brought back the bird to her he was wet and looked terrible". From that day I said I'll not trust anyone with my birds except my daughter. My birds are not going anywhere out of my sight. The only time I shall leave my birds with a vet is if they're ill and "have" to stay for some treatment THEN I’ve no choice. We have to be very careful and remember that they’re like our little children. They can’t fend for themselves so we are the ones that have to look out for them. It doesn’t matter how old they may be.

Anne do not be hesitant to call the vet and ask questions even if you may think it's too many. You’re paying them for all your questions too. I do hope that your bird gets well soon and I’ll keep you both in my prayers; God bless.

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