Eucalyptus oil for feather loss

by David

I've noted that eucalyptus oil is recommended but are there other (better) forms of it to treat (or supplement) my tiel externally and/or internally. Have had many problems with feather loss on four tiels now over a five yr period.
Took them to three NW avian specialists and spent over $600 but still lost three of them eventually to the same disease that none could ever diagnose properly.

Presently I am adding a small cap full of raw organic 'mothers' apple cider vinegar to their water as well as chlorella, Nutra min, and kelp to the diet. So far, no more feather or skin problems.

Should I be adding eucalyptus in some form also if the problem (yeast/fungus?) comes back? How about other supplements, minerals like selenium, ???

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Sep 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thankyou for your advise. I will pass your info onto my avian. I for one know his experties and scientific research on nutrition does not come from the internet. His scientific research is the reason i continue to see him. My goodness, I am sorry it is necessary to attack just because it is not what you believe. All avian vets have their own advise for their own reasons. That is no reason to accuse them of of getting their information off the net. We all know a GOOD avian vet does not do such a thing and we all know they all can have different advise. So be it... I didnt recall any such mention about cider vinegar being ingested as is either. I am very shocked that this has turned into an argument. Necessary? Absolutly not, but oh well. I guess the thing the owner of the tiels could do now seek his own avian vets advise. If your not happy with the result or answer, go to another.

Sep 02, 2011
Apple cider vinegar in bird water
by: Tracie

As far as the "few drops of ACV in the water" goes, it is soooo diluted that it is unlikely it is doing much of anything. I know a scientist very well, and he scoffs at the ignorance of people following "experts" that write stuff on the Internet. Full strength might help some things, but no bird is going to drink it full strength and should NOT drink it full strength. Follow the ones that do the true research.

Some vets suggest stuff because they read it on the Internet like you. But ask them if they have any scientific research to back up WHY they are suggesting what they say you should do.

Sep 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

My bird had a bacterial infection at one point. My avian vet placed her on medication and recommended i also put a few drops of apple cider vinegar (not normal vinegar) in her water once a week to help. I continue to do this now with my aged birds, ith no repocussions. Please seek your own avian vets advice regarding this as they do all have their own opinion on the matter. I am confused as to where the insult is on the previous post but am only here to say what my avian vet had told me, is that wrong? I also read the article and found it interesting and will print it off for my vet to read and get his opinion. I suggest you do the same.

Please do not put euc oil directly on your tiels. As mentioned it's nly good for cleaning. Instead give your tiel som gum branches, uts and flowers to chew. They will benifit more that way.

Sep 02, 2011
eucalyptus oil
by: Anonymous

Eucalyptus oil is really popular with us Aussies but it is not recommended ON birds. that is way too potent for them, not even diluted. Eucalyptus oil is only excellent for cleaning the birds cages, toys, area etc...When you say feather loss do you mean moulting or plucking? They will moult & the best way to deal with that is bathe them daily in clean fresh water & offer a diluted spray of aloe/water. This helps a lot with feathers & skin. If they're plucking you need to consult an avian vet in your area & find out why.

Have you considered getting them tested for PBFD? I would also recommend you look for another avian vet & get other opinions. There is nothing that can't be diagnosed & a good avian vet will do all the right stuff to diagnose the problems.

The apple cider vinegar added to the water is excellent, but it won't solve the problem. As for the chlorella, Nutra min & kelp, don't over do it all or you may end up causing more problems.

your teils should have a good variety of foods, vet recommended vits (not over the counter), calcium blocks etc are OK, cider vinegar is great, Eucalyptus oil absolutely not. And where ever you are pellets suitable for your tiels. you can't get certain pellet brands in certain places so see what is available to you in your own area!

Sep 01, 2011
apple cider vinegar
by: Anonymous

Not to get an argument started here but I disagree about the apple cider vinegar. Here is a link for you to read about it.

Answer from Dr B:
Allow me to begin by saying that you are insulting me, and not only that, you have never even met me, nor do you know anything about me. I hope that you will be open-minded enough to at least read my CV and understand that I have extensive knowledge and experience caring for birds, which started in 1979. I have an excellent survival rate for my patients, and I have never once used vinegar for anything.

I read the article you referenced and I must tell you that as a scientist, this article has no validity. It is one person's opinion on the use of ACV, with no scientific evidence to back the claims. I am sure that vinegar has some antimicrobial activity, but it is mostly with yeast organisms. And here are some bacteria that are not able to survive the acidic environment generated by vinegar. But that is the extent of its spectrum. It absolutely has no effect against viruses such as Avian Bornavirus, Circovirus, polyomavirus or any other virus at all. It is absolutely a useless disinfectant.

Sep 01, 2011
Don't add vinegar to bird water
by: The Avian Vet

I do not recommend the use of eucalyptus oil. I also do not recommend any of the other treatments that you are using, like the vinegar in the water. This really does nothing to help the birds and may even prevent them from drinking enough water. Supplements are not necessary if you feed a good quality pellet diet, like Harrison's or Roudybush.

Were there symptoms other than the feather loss? Extensive feather loss would prevent them from keeping warm, predisposing them to secondary infections and other diseases, but feather loss alone should not have caused their deaths. Did you have them tested for circovirus (PBFD)? Polyomavirus? Skin biopsy?

Feather Damaging Behavior article
Dr B

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